We are actively involved in the Lexington Farmer's Market in Lexington for 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays. We look forward to serving your needs for fresh honey, pollen, and/or beeswax candles. We are currently extracting honey and putting the new honey on the market.

You may still purchase honey, pollen, and/or beeswax candles from us anytime from our home at 1909 Nicholasville Road in Lexington. Call us first at 859 276‑0258, and we will put what you want on our back porch for you to pick up.

Our home is located one block north (toward downtown) of the intersection of Southland Drive and Nicholasville Road. Turn on Goodrich Avenue and take the first driveway on your right, and you will be in our back yard. There will be a silver travel trailer (Airstream) under an awning directly in front of you. Your honey will be on the back porch. If we are not home, just leave the money on the counter. There is change in a small jar on the counter if you need some.